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Lisa Grand began writing songs at the piano from the age of 10. She learnt to play keys by ear imitating tracks from Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys, and Songs in the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder. From there, she never looked back and has since  built up a catalogue of hundreds of songs. 

Lisa's vocal style can be distinguished by her sultry, soulful vocals, dancing melodies, and angelic harmonies, while her music incorporates cultural flavours from her mixed heritage. 

Growing up in London, art culture has always played a big part in her life. She paints and draws inspiration from her life and her music, to create beautiful artworks of black and white

and colour. Her pieces EkeyQueen of Your Heart, and Shaki, were exhibited at Ata Rodo's Ajoyo exhibition in Jan 2020.

This talented artist is gaining momentum on both sides of the Atlantic. Releasing new music each month, Lisa Grand won't keep you waiting for your next favourite song! She is currently working with Collabstreet doing reaction videos, with other projects underway that will add even more strings to her bow, and expose her fans to a side of Lisa that they've never seen before!   

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